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walt whitman love poems
walt whitman love poems


American poetry began to make its mark on literature during the 7th century when colonists wrote poetry using the ideals of British  writers. Unsurprisingly, most of the early colonists’ work relied on contemporary British models of poetic formdiction, and theme.  In 1776  a new era began when the united states declared its independence. After the American Revolution, and increasingly after the war of 1812, American writers were exhorted to produce a literature that was truly native. As a result of that many types of great literary works were added to the field.

With the new arisen of the American literature great poets such as  Walt Witman, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson etc, started to produce new literature enjoying their freedom out of age-old tradition in their society. They started to write poems beyond the tradition, unconventionally with their individual freedom. Calumus (In paths untrodden) , Annabel Lee, Birches, I’m wife; I’ve Finished are few of those remarkable poems. walt whitman love poems

walt whitman love poems
walt whitman love poems

Discussion (American poetry)

First of all we will take a look at the poem “In paths untrodden” written by Walt Whitman. In this poem, Whitman illustrates transcendental ideas through his discovery of the importance of nonconformity and solitude. The title of the poem, “In paths untrodden” also the opening line of the poem, refers to an unconventional way of living. The speaker of the poem is going in a path where people do not wish to go and  reject also punish to those who whish to go.

“Escape from the life that exhibit itself ,

From all the standards hitherto published-from

the pleasure, profit, conformities,” walt whitman love poems walt whitman high school

The speaker wants to escape from his life, pleasures, profits an everything. He wants to go in this path even if  the whole world against him, if all the standards against him. It obviuosly shows us the individual freedom he had while he was writing these poems. He did not hesitated to write his real thoughts and feelings in his poems. walt whitman high school

He continues this belief by stating ” Here, by myself, away from the clank of the world” , he further don’t wants to go with standards or traditions which means he is going against the traditions. walt whitman high school

Whitman describes how by himself, he can think and feel anything without the pressures of the rest of society. In this secluded spot, he is able to sing songs of “manly attachment” and “types of athletic love” without fear of condemnation from those who dislike his original way of thinking. 

And again when we refers to ‘I’m “wife” – I’ve finished that’ by Dickinson, in this poem she explores personal themes of independence, society, and womanhood. The poet takes the reader through several differences, emotional and mental, between being a “spinster,” or an older, unmarried woman, and being a wife. During the 19th century when Emily Dickinson was writing this poem, there was a vast gulf between these two kinds of lives. She was herself single until her death a feature that might influence a reader’s understanding of this short poem. 

How odd the Girl’s life looks

Behind this soft Eclipse

I think that Earth feels so

To folks in Heaven – nowwalt whitman love poems

Now, Dickinson takes a different look t the world. She imagines looking back at the life of a “girl” from “Behind this soft Eclipse”. This is an interesting line. The speaker is imagining looking on the world form the sunny side of an eclipse. The girl, whose on the other side, sees only darkness. This is another very poetic and figurative way of describing what the safety of marriage would be like. One is able to look at the world from a safe, warm, and bright position. 

When we refers to the poem Annable Lee by Edgar Allan poe which was written as  the last poem before his death. The poem is narrated by Annable Lee’s lover, who forcefully rails against the people-supernatural beings- who tried to get in the way of their love. In this poem his childhood love developed in to a spiritual love.  He states it by saying ” we loved with a love that was more than a love”.

Likewise, he also wrote his poem feeling his freedom in his writings.

Conclusion, walt whitman love poems

With reference to the above mentioned poems, it is clearly obvious that American poets have enjoyed their individual freedom out of age-old traditions in there society. They did not scared to go beyond the standards that have been published in their society. They started to think freely and wrote their poems unconventionally regardless of  published standards, age, gender etc without any fear at all.

Reference,walt whitman love poems

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