13 Best websites and English grammar online courses at all levels

English grammar online courses
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Practice your English grammar with clear grammar explanations and practice exercises to test your understanding. All learners, whatever their level, have questions and doubts about grammar as they’re learning English and this guide helps to differentiate best grammar websites and best English grammar online courses in a clear and simple way.

English grammar online courses

Best English grammar online courses

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Best Websites


Another brilliant self-improvement website that has full material for learning language structure, vocabulary, talking, reading, understanding and writing English. To improve even more, they offer free activities, gatherings, and blog on this website.

Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl is both a blog and a podcast that provides short, friendly tips to improve the grammar in your writing. Grammar Girl (also known as Mignon Fogarty) makes learning grammar fun and simple with memory tricks. This makes it easier to remember and use difficult grammar rules.

Grammar Girl is used by native speakers as well, so you can be sure it’ll help your English sound more natural. You’ll learn about English grammar rules as well as punctuation, writing style and even business tips.

You can find her podcasts on Apple and Spotify, or you can get a free month when you sign up with the code GRAMMAR using Stitcher.


An awesome method to learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese and English. Learning background is very natural and addictive. Aside from considered as one of the best websites, they have applications for iPhone and Android which mean its user-friendly as well.

Grammar Monster

Grammar Monster is a website that offers both quick information and detailed explanations about everything that has to do with grammar. Plus, it also has a short test for each of its sections, so you can gauge how well you understood the section’s contents.

Daily Grammar

Daily Grammar is simple both in look and content. The website has over 400 lessons on parts of speech and parts of sentences, which you can go through in order, or you can use the glossary to look up a term.

Daily Grammar also posts lessons to their blog, along with exercises for practice.

Cambridge Apps

Cambridge University Press’s Grammar in Use series of apps contains three apps: one for beginners, one for intermediate learners, and one for advanced English language learners, each corresponding to a book published by CUP. While the apps do not contain all the materials from the books, they are chock-full of activities that can help you practice English grammar anytime, anywhere.

English Grammar Secrets

If there’s something you didn’t find on EnglishGrammar.org you’ll most possibly find it here. There are more than „just” explanations here. Exercises follow every topic. I think it’s a great idea when at once you can put into practice what you’ve just learnt in theory.

Grammar Bytes

Grammar Bytes has bite-sized (mini) grammar lessons and exercises presented in a really friendly and sometimes silly way. Interactive exercises let you test your skills, and they also contain easy-to-understand explanations with the correct answers.


One of the best ways to learn English grammar is by hearing it used in real situations. The more English you listen to, the more grammar you learn—without even memorizing the rules first (although that definitely helps).

On FluentU, you have access to a huge library of real-world English videos, along with clear definitions, examples and more for all words used in the videos. The more you watch, the more you learn!

While browsing our hundreds of awesome videos, you’ll have the freedom to choose which ones are most relevant to your personal learning experience.

The British Council is a great resource for all language learners, especially if you’re learning British English. There’s a huge amount of information here about any kind of grammar you may need to know.

Just choose your level and then you’ll get several specific grammar topics to explore.

English Grammar 101

Do you prefer learning with a textbook, but don’t want to carry one around all the time? You’ll love English Grammar 101, which is set up like a grammar textbook.

Each easy-to-understand lesson (or chapter) only covers one topic at a time, and is followed by an exercise section to test your understanding of the topic. The short length of the chapters means you can spend a few minutes a day on one grammar rule, and learn a lot within just a short time.

Education First’s English Grammar Guide

Education First’s grammar guide is very well organized and is a good starting place to learn how to use parts of speech. The rules themselves are short and use many example sentences to show how everything works.

If you learn better through examples than through rules, this is an excellent place to start.

Oxford English Grammar Course

This website is meant to be a companion to the Oxford English Grammar books. Even if you don’t use those books, this is still a good place to practice your grammar.

There are no explanations of the grammar rules, but there are many interactive grammar exercises to make sure you really understand each rule. Use this website to practice the rules you’re learning somewhere else, or to find out what you need to study more.


If you want to learn English grammar online absolutely for free, you have to try the EGO (English Grammar Online) site.

This page includes everything you need to improve your English grammar online, from an overview of all tenses with examples to a ton of English grammar lessons and exercises on tenses, the conditionals and even the mysterious English subjunctive.

EGO4U also has the most important English grammar topics divided into separate sections so you don’t get lost when trying to learn something new. Each section includes grammar lessons and a lot of exercises for you to practice. Pay attention to the dots on the right side of each exercise link. They tell you about the difficulty of the exercises. Awesome!

Finally, EGO4U includes an amazing section where you can find the most confusing English tenses. If you’re having any problem distinguishing between the past simple and the past progressive, or you get a headache every time you need to decide if a sentence needs going to, will, the present simple or the present progressive, you’re going to love this section.

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