50 Famous Idioms and Phrases with their meanings for daily conversation | Phrasal Verbs

Famous idioms and phrases
Famous idioms and phrases

Famous idioms and phrases

Idioms with nature related

idioms with their meanings
Famous idioms and phrases
  1. You rock – you are great
  2. Calm before the storm –a quiet period before chaos
  3. Under the weather– to feel sick
  4. When it rains, it pours– bad things happen at the same time
  5. Rain or shine-  to do something in any whether
  6. Every cloud has a silver lining- Something good in every bad situation
  7. Go with the flow- go along with whatever happens
  8. Down to earth- practical, human, relatable
  9. Tips of the iceberg- small part of something bigger, usually negative
  10. Nip it in the bud- Stop a bad situation from becoming worse by taking quick action
  11. Beat around the bush- speak indirectly without getting to the main point
  12. The best of both worlds- an ideal situation
  13. Get wind of something- hear news about something secret
  14. Plain as day- Something obvious to see
  15. Up in the air- no definite plans
  16. Call it a day- to stop working on a project for the day
Famous idioms and phrases

Animal idioms

  1. Go cold turkey – suddenly quit a bad habit
  2. Go on  wild goose chase – to do something pointless
  3. Crying wolf- to lie many times so no one believes you

Food related idioms

  1. Bring home the bacon – to make money to support your family
  2. Two peas in a pod– two people who are a perfect pair
  3. Butter me up– to flatter someone in order to get something
  4. Spill the beans– to tell a secret
  5. Take it with a grain of salt– don’t believe something seriously
  6. Spice things up– to make something more interesting
idioms with their meanings
Famous idioms and phrases

Body related idioms

  1. Lose your touch – stop having ability or talent for something
  2. Rule of thumb– a general rule or guideline
  3. By the skin of my teeth– to just barely make it
  4. Get something of your chest– to talk about something that bothering you
  5. Put your foot in your mouth – say something shouldn’t have said
  6. Bite the bullet– stop waiting and do something difficult
  7. Get out of hand– get out of control
  8. Wrap your head around something– understand something complicated
  9. To play something by ear– to not make definite plans
  10. A blessing in disguise– something good that seemed bad at first
idioms with their meanings
Famous idioms and phrases

Money related idioms

  1. Break the bank – to be really expensive
  2. Give you a run for your money– to be a challenge
  3. Up the ante– to do or request more than before

Action verbs idioms

  1. Cut someone some slack – to not judge too harshly
  2. Draw the line– to know the difference between acceptable and not
  3. Rings a bell- sounds familiar, but you don’t know why
  4. Go the extra mile- to make an extra effort
  5. Make a long story short- tell a long story briefly
  6. Jump on a bandwagon- to follow a trend to be like everyone else
idioms with their meanings
Famous idioms and phrases

Extra idioms

  1. On the ball – very prepared for something
  2. 24/7– all the time, constantly
  3. Easier said than done– not as easy as it seems
  4. Better late than never– arriving late is better than not coming at all
  5. So far so good– things are going well so far
idioms with their meanings
Famous idioms and phrases

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    1. He who laugh last laughs the best.
    2. Once good turn deserves another.
    3. A stitch in time saves nine.
    4. A live dog is better than a dead Lion.


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