How to develop kids vocabulary

As adults you may always think of your child’s language development. You always get those problems like ‘How can I improve my child’s vocabulary?’ ‘How do I teach my child vocabulary?’. How to develop kids vocabulary? Building your child’s language ability is not something you should wait to do until they’re old enough to go to school. Child’s vocabulary development is extremely rapid. It start to build up when they are infant. Therefore, if you want your child to have a rich and strong vocabulary here are some amazing tips to follow.

How to develop kids vocabulary
How to develop kids vocabulary

Introduce a word of the day

Introducing a new word each day will boost your child’s vocabulary by 365 (or 366!) words every year, and is an activity that the whole family can get involved with.

You could use a word-a-day calendar or a website or app to suggest new words, or pick them out of a dictionary.

Make sure your child knows the meaning of the word, as they’ll then be able to use it in their own speaking and writing.

Multiple exposure

Typically, a child needs to hear a new word 4 to 12 times before it is added to his vocabulary. When you introduce your child to a new word, try to keep a mental note of it and work to use it again in your conversations with your child. It is also important to use the word in a variety of different contexts, wherever it applies. Don’t be afraid to throw in a word that you had focused on previously as well. Repeated exposure is one of the best ways to master new vocabulary words.

Become a dictionary for your child

Even if there are any words in the dictionary, it is difficult for the child to understand them. The child becomes confuse because its deep words and definitions. So rather than letting the child use a dictionary, it is worth to settle those words through conversation with him. Duke recommends taking the time to figure out the definition with your child by using context clues, or the other words around it. Don’t be hesitated to take time to talk with

How to develop kids vocabulary
How to develop kids vocabulary

Introduce word banks

Word banks are collections of related words: for example, adjectives, alternatives to ‘said,’ or nature words.

You’ll find lots of word banks online, or you and your child could make your own using a notebook with a page per word group, adding new words as you find them. Your child can have word banks on hand when they’re writing to help them find new and more interesting words.

Encourage child to read daily

Books are the number one way to expose kids to a richer vocabulary. As often as possible, read books with your child. When she comes to a word that she doesn’t know, give your child a quick kid-friendly definition and continue reading. It’s important not to have a big pause about the fact that she didn’t know the word. When you finish reading the story

Play together

‘Playing with your child is crucial for developing communication skills,’ Alice explains. ‘Children learn to make new sounds, talk in full sentences, ask questions and understand how interactions work.

‘It also helps them communicate with other children.’

Talk about past events

Through language we are able to travel through time to past and future events. As parents talk with children about experiences from the past, they tend to use novel words and children, in turn, are encouraged to use them. For example, a parent may say, “Do you remember when we went to the aquarium? The child responds: “Yes, we saw that big big fish with wings.” To which the parent replies: “Yes that was an enormous stingray.” Regular conversations about the past foster vocabulary learning.

Have many conversations with children

The amount of language children hear during conversations with adults in the first 18 to 24 months of life matters. Language areas of the child’s brain are rapidly developing. The ability to translate sounds into meaningful words is rapidly improving. Linking sounds to meanings quickly enables one to continue to make sense from the words they are hearing. The speed with which children assign meaning to words is strongly related to the amount of language they have heard as part of adult-child conversations.

As one who researches the best ways to expand your child’s vocabulary and literacy, here are eight things that I believe parents and educators can do to help build children’s language and vocabulary skills. Try these things in your family too. It will help you a lot to expand your child’s vocabulary.

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How to develop kids vocabulary

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How to develop kids vocabulary



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