10 Golden Tips To Increase Your Child’s General Knowledge

How To Increase General Knowledge?

Increase Your Child’s General Knowledge

In the modern technology based world, general knowledge is an essential factor for children to live because children of nowadays begin life with more stress and competition than what our parents used to. Starting from school quizzes to competitive exams later on, general knowledge has become an important part of the educational system.  Every parent makes every effort to inculcate good habits in their children so that they increasingly become more intelligent people.

General knowledge will help them to relate and understand the varied facets of the world and its working better. The stronger is one’s general awareness and knowledge the easier it gets to relate to other subjects; it also has a link to improved problem solving and open-mindedness.

So, here we suggest ten golden tips to increase your child’s general knowledge.

How to increase your child’s general knowledge?

increase your child's general knowledge

Make educational Conversations

Have an educational discussion every time your child spend free time doing nonsense. It is up to the parents to make it fun so that the child does not get bored. You can plan something new relevant to the general knowledge  and do with your child. By having these discussions several days a week, the child’s general knowledge will naturally increase.

Play Interactive Educational Games

When play and education are mixed together, children willingly engage in the process. While studying may seem like a forced burden, they will thoroughly enjoy playing games like ‘ATLAS,’ ‘Hop on the World,’ etc. which will make them unconsciously get done with their daily dose of G.K. Class.

Be More Observant

The best way for anyone to gain knowledge is to be more observant.

  1. Do not stuff your kid with bad newspapers, sticky notes or documentaries. Don’t make it cumbersome for him.
  2. Help him hone his observant nature, his eye for detail. Stress on the importance of observing things. Make him strive for understanding, not memorising.
  3. Lastly, make reading the newspaper an indispensable habit for him. Look up for the 21 day habit forming theory. Once he is accustomed to reading the newspaper daily, your job is almost done.

Now your kid will always be on the lookout for information. And once he knows how to collect information, he can choose any method he likes, be it sticky notes or non-sticky ones

Plan Some Educational Journey

A monotonous life is one in which the child is confined to the some limits. As parents it your responsibility no to limit their life. Living a monotonous life means development of child’s general knowledge becomes slow. So planning some extra trips, journeys will help them to grasp some knowledge, experiences from the society and environment. In this way they acquire the necessary knowledge about the outside world and by working actively their general knowledge grows even faster.

Watch and Conduct Quiz Shows

Though not so regular anymore, you can always enjoy quiz shows with your child on the internet. Past episodes of popular quiz shows can easily be watched on video websites with your child in free time. Encourage him or her to answer, and make his or her participate in family quizzes as well.

Watch Sports

Now at the risk of sounding anti-feminist, girls don’t follow sports, (unless you play a sport). Now what that situation creates is that not only will your child be at a disadvantage about sports trivia – who is the fastest runner in 100m etc, but the double whammy is that you miss a chance to learn about countries, capitals, flags, national anthems etc. The Olympics opening ceremony for instance is not just a spectacular visual treat, but watching the country’s sports contingent marching with their flags is a great way to learn that there are actually close to 200 countries in the world.

Let Them be Socialized

Your child needs friends not just to play with but also help her learn about various things on earth, including technology, sports and other important events. Call her friends over to your house for a fun quiz one Sunday morning.


Newspapers are one of the best things to take help of while investing in general knowledge. If your child is too young to read the newspaper, read certain portions out to him or her. If he or she is a little older, choose a simple paragraph, make him or her circle new words and find out their meanings. This exercise will greatly help in his or her vocabulary and inculcate a habit of reading newspapers.

Visit Museums

Now I know the museum may be a dreary place with some dusty artefacts that you had to endure during school trips as a child, and that you would rather go to the glitzy mall or a movie. Nevertheless, take your child to a museum and let him saunter about and discover what is on display. It may be the natural history section, the science or the art museum – but do make a visit. You never know what your child may find interesting.

Encourage Child to visit useful websites

There are many websites online which can help your child learn about current affairs in a fun and easier way. These websites explore on geography, history, science and literature alike so that your child has a wide exposure of knowledge.

Therefore, your child can know a lot about the world from the resources around him or her such as newspapers, books and the internet. Revise the information he or she has learnt once a week so that he or she remembers it for longer, and becomes a brighter child.

Accordingly using these golden tips you can improve your child’s general knowledge more rapidly.

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