Most Important 8 Qualities of a Good Teacher

qualities of a good teacher
An African-American teacher, a mature woman in her 40s, sitting in front of her class of elementary school students, 6 and 7 years old, reading a book. She has asked a question and most of the children are raising their hands. They are in first grade or second grade.
what are the qualities of a good teacher? Let’s take a look at this brief investigation.

There are teachers, and there are great teachers. Notice the difference between the two phrases – the word “great.” Teachers should make knowledge accessible to all students. They base their practice on the belief that all students can learn and meet expectations. It is important to note that all teachers can be great teachers

Teaching is among the most rewarding and selfless careers out there. Every moment inside a classroom gives a teacher an opportunity to affect children’s lives by spreading the gift of knowledge. But being a good teacher is no easy feat; the job involves more than just creating lesson plans and dishing out homework assignments. If you’re interested in pursuing a teaching career, check out this list of the best qualities in a teacher to see how well you match up.

qualities of a good teacher
qualities of a good teacher


Remember that students are different. Some of them learn quicker than others. Struggling student should be given more attention than fast learners. Thus, teachers should be very patient when dealing with students. Ideally, teaching should be done at apace in which most students are comfortable with. They should avoid rushing through the coursework as this can discourage students from learning.

No matter what grade level you’re teaching, your patience will be tested while working as an educator.

Whether you’re managing classroom behavior, working with colleagues with different views or communicating student issues or progress with parents, patience is one of the most important skills to practice as a teacher

Clear communication

Teachers use verbal and nonverbal communication skills to identify student needs and to know when to listen versus when to talk. Teachers also use developed written communication skills to report information to parents and other school professionals. You can develop these skills with the following tips:

  • Use active listening skills: Instead of preparing how to respond, use active listening skills when communicating and listen to understand the other person’s needs. Give yourself a few seconds after the question to decide how to respond so that you can truly focus on what the student, parent or fellow teacher is saying.
  • Ask for clarification when needed: If you do not fully understand what the other person needs, ask them to rephrase their question or request. You can also repeat what you understood in your own words to assess what part of their request needs more clarification.
qualities of a good teacher
qualities of a good teacher


Enthusiasm, the next attribute on our list, is one that everyone benefits from. When a person speaks with enthusiasm, his voice shows it. An excited person doesn’t speak in a boring and monotone voice. Enthusiasm inspires the learner to pay attention. We want to know what it is that makes the teacher so excited!

When we apply this same enthusiasm to teaching God’s Word, people will want to know what gives us that zeal, and they will want to have it too


Teachers should adapt themselves to all students that they are handling. The approach used by professionals depends on the individual needs of students. They should keep track of their students’ progress throughout the sessions. Any approach or plan that isn’t working should be changed. Good teachers learn how to adjust to meet the individual needs of each student. You can learn to adjust with the following steps:

  • Celebrate students’ individuality: Create an environment of acceptance by encouraging creativity, freedom of thought and questions in the classroom. Accept students where they are at developmentally and academically. When students feel comfortable and accepted, they also feel more comfortable to ask questions and learn.
  • Identify different learning styles: Good teachers are able to identify the individual learning needs of their students while also creating lesson plans that cater to their academic style. For example, some students may learn best in a lecture classroom whereas other students are better able to grasp information with hands-on learning opportunities. Consider blending methods in lessons to appeal to more students at one time.
qualities of a good teacher
qualities of a good teacher


English teachers should be active listeners. Demonstrating their level of openness can make them more accessible and approachable by students. It is therefore imperative to listen to the individual needs of your students and come up with an effective plan. Offering comforting support to students can make them feel valued.

Sharing Best Practices

A willingness to share knowledge and experiences with others is one of the most important qualities of a good teacher, Rogers said.

Education is a very hands-on field and often requires experimentation within the classroom to discover which methods of communicating with students work best.


Having some life experience outside the classroom and outside the realm of education is invaluable for putting learning into context and keeping school activities in perspective. Teachers who have travelled, worked in other fields, played high level sports or enjoyed any number of other life experiences bring to the profession outlooks other than ‘teacher.’

Professionals should have a better understanding of the English language for them to impart skills to learners. They should demonstrate confidence in their reading, writing, and pronunciation skills. He or she should explain the different concepts in a manner that students can understand. Again, they should know where to start and pace their work correctly. Being interactive can help them in checking that learners understand.

qualities of a good teacher
qualities of a good teacher


Students who are attentive can absorb almost everything that is being taught. Professionals should be enthusiastic and energetic. Being interactive and making the coursework more interesting is the key to inspiring active interest in your student. It can also motivate them to do better.

Here are some important qualities of a good teacher. Developing those qualities one can become a great teacher.

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qualities of a good teacher


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