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what is process writing

What is process writing?

Many students ask us how to write a process writing? What is a process writing? and it is not surprising. This type of problem is not typical and not every scholar faces it during student years. If you want to succeed in writing an outstanding paper, you should start with getting familiar with its definition. what is process writing

According to the White and Arndt process writing can be described as follow.

“form of problem-solving which involves such processes as generating ideas, discovering a ‘voice’ with which to write, planning, goal-setting, monitoring and evaluating what is going to be written as well as what has been written and searching for language with which to express exact meaning.”

Process writing is a method of separating the aims of writing into its more modest segment parts. By breaking down or separating the topic correctly, writings becomes easier.  Understudies discover that composing doesn’t simply occur; it is a well arranged process whereas it must be planned and written. Before understanding process writing you must be familiar with process analysis. So, let’s take a brief overview of process analysis.

What is process analysis? what is process writing

Process analysis is a mode of writing. It explains how something works or how to do something. A very common writing assignment in elementary school is to explain how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Nurses, for example, need to understand each body process, such as how food is digested, how blood circulates, or how to calculate a dose of medicine.

Process is written in chronological order, step-by-step. If the process is a formal procedure, it usually starts with the scope of the procedure (who does, what, when), the tools and materials needed, and any cautions. Then the instructions are written to tell the person how to do the task.

How to start process writing

Process writing may be a more effective method of teaching writing as it helps students to focus on the process of creating text through the various factors such as generating ideas, drafting, revising and editing, etc.

As for structure I think you must inevitably start with a rough idea and an outline of what you are trying to achieve. Then you can fill in the missing parts as you go along but not necessarily in the same sequential order as the structure of your finished writing project. what is process writing

If you perhaps find it difficult to get started, then why not let your first project be writing your own memoires. There you have the basic structure already, and all that you can remember from your life is your necessary material right there in front of you. Then when you successfully have finished this challenge, you will maybe feel, that you have so much more on your mind that needs to be told, and you feel encouraged to move on as a real wannabee professional author. what is process writing

what is process writing

What are the structures of process writing?

The steps in process writing can be divided into two major phases: the prewriting phase and the writing phase. Both are necessary to the writing process and are interdependent. Prewriting is needed to organize, sequence, and elaborate on ideas prior to writing. The writing phase turns this organization of ideas into a composition.

What is Prewriting in writing

The prewriting stage is fundamental to helping understudies produce and arrange their ideas to writing. This stage is essential to every kind of writers. Especially for students. Because it is difficult to arrange their thoughts and ideas when they are complex with the topic. Prewriting phase work as a roadmap of the writing. Writing without working through the prewriting is like sending a student to an unknown distinction without a map or direction.

  • Select a topic and brainstorm by combining all ideas on the topic as they come to mind
  • Organize the ideas by putting them into categories

Writing phase what is process writing

This is the most important phase as you are going to start re-writing the same writing which you have been written earlier. This time it’s going to organize and make sentences using ideas noted in prewriting. In this phase, we have to be little bit smart in order to finish writing an effective piece.  

These steps are essential to good writing. Although sometimes used interchangeably, revising, editing and proofreading are all individual steps: what is process writing

Revise: This is the next step after you write the first draft. Revising is the process of looking at the macro view of your draft and considering what substantial changes you need to make to improve it. Substantial changes you should consider when revising include adding material, removing material and rearranging the material as well as determining whether your tone and details support your overall purpose.

Edit: After revising, always edit your writing thoroughly. This is the process of looking at the micro view by considering each sentence’s efficiency and identifying and correcting any errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Proofread: Proofreading is the final step before publishing or submitting your work. It’s similar to editing but involves going through your work in even finer detail to ensure that it is completely ready for an audience. Proofreading might involve finding typos or adjusting formatting as well as double-checking for any stylistic or grammatical errors.

For this process, White and Arndt’s writing process can be pointed out as follow. what is process writing

What is process writing
White and Arndt’s Model of Process Approach to Writing (Source: White and Arndt, 1991, p.11) 

Writers need to write a lot to become good writers and they need the opportunity to practice various types and functions of writing to develop skills and build competence and confidence and progress toward autonomy.

what is process writing?

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